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I’m currently out of the country and orders will be shipped in early August. Thank you for your patience!
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chese review

helo i decided to talk about a fun and stress-free topic for this blog post. 

as many of you guys know, i am a fan of chese. chese things make me very happy so im going to share my thoughts on some types and forms. comment your favorite type/form of cheese in the section below : D

Cheese Foam

yes yes yes one of my favorite forms of cheese. cheese foam enhances my milk teas by making it more creamy and balancing the sweetness with salt. i feel happy when i get cheese foam.

Cream Cheese

really yummy. i love how there are different flavors with strawberry being my favorite. i usually spread a lot of cream cheese onto my bagel. @-@ cream cheese on cakes are my favorite as well.

Grilled Cheese

i used to not like grilled cheese but my fren makes the best ones!!

Cheese Corn

so many calories but it is a great treat once in a while. i usually make cheese corn at home when we cook korean barbecue and it sLAPS


one of my favorite types of cheese. cheddar cheese is contained in a lot of snacks i love such as goldfish and cheez-it. cheddar cheese is a universal cheese


along with cheddar cheese, it goes in my top favorite types of cheese. the taste is pretty mild which allows me to consume a lot at once. i always add mozzarella cheese to my ramen or tteok-bokki when i have a chance to.

Pepper Jack

pepper jack is just ok. nothing special about it. it's just cheese with a litel bit of spice. 

Cheese Cake

Literally my favorite type of cake. red velvet cheese cake is the best for sure.

Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese is honestly too cheesy for me. kraft macaroni & cheese is the exception.


so good and so fancy. i love how malleable it is. it is best to eat brie along with crackers, grapes, and salami. brie is so good but i donut eat it that often.


babybel is dutch edam cheese. i used to eat this a lot when i lived in my grandma's house and it's just aight. the wax outside was fun to play with tho!

The Laughing Cow

i also ate this a lot while living in my grandma's house. compared to babybel, i was obsessed with this cheese. it was so soft and i would just nibble on it. the packaging is super cute.


not good but not bad. i usually skip the cheese in my burgers. super processed 

Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese

tastes heavenly. i only had it once at a new years party but i still think about it every once in a while.


a tasty korean snack with sweet cream cheese on top of a corn puff. it is addicting but unfortunately, half the bag is just air.


that is it for now! this was very calming to write about since i was really frustrated abt screen printing. thank u for tuning in 

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  • taylor (dahaae) on

    coincidence? i think not!

  • taylor (dahaae) on

    @Lauren Chun
    when we ate brie chese for the whole day while doing finals:,)

  • taylor (dahaae) on


  • misterhamburger on

    I’m eating a chese toast as I write this. Yum!

  • Lauren Chun on

    wow! these cheses bring back memories :’) I agree

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