I’m currently out of the country and orders will be shipped in early August. Thank you for your patience!
I’m currently out of the country and orders will be shipped in early August. Thank you for your patience!
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my first pop-up!

i love artist alleys!! before the pandemic, i went to a lot of them. at that point of my life, opening a shop of my own was always in the back of my mind. being a vendor at an event was always a goal of mine but i haven't expected it to happen so soon.

so yeah i recently had my first pop-up!! it was the most hectic and exciting thing ever.


the week before the event was veryyy tiring. it consisted of nonstop working from 7 am until midnight and many trips to daiso. 

i spent quite a bit of monies for the pop-up and was worried about not making it all back. i did not want my efforts and money to go to waste. 

the morning of was the craziest. i became overwhelmed with the rest of the work i needed to do. while i was packing the boxes, my sister and dad helped me with folding shirts into the sleeves.

the event

i invited my frens to come and keep me company for the day. it was very kind of them for letting me drag them out from 7am to 10pm

i am a very awkward person. my mind was occupied with only restocking products and the table presentation that i totally forgot that i needed to interact with customers loll. so when the first customer came, i was frozen😭😭. it took a bit of time to get used to talking to customers but my frens helped me through it. it was ok in the end and i became comfortable talking to new people!!

it was hot on that day and we were given 13 different drinks at different times. it was really funny and made me very thankful for my frens and family who were so thoughtful.

throughout the day, i met new and old frens!! there was this person who came and bought an earring and a shirt. an hour or two passes and they come back with the shirt and earrings on. it made me so happy and i thought it was really cute haha. it became one of the highlights of the day :) 

i did not know what to expect but the way the event played out was nothing like i imagined. i guess i should have more confidence in myself next time.

 korean barbecue celebration!!

after the long day, i treated my frens to kbbq. i am very thankful that they came. i honestly would not have done as well without them. it was very yumy and felt like a reward. i love them!!


this whole experience gave me more confidence in what i do. it has steered me into another direction and has given me more motivation. i met so many cool people and small business owners!! 

I could not have done it without my family and friends. thank you!!


people who reached to the end are hearing this first. my best friend and i are having our own pop-up together in celebration of national friendship day on august 1st! we are so excited and have been planning this for months.

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